ASAM Training Onsite

ASAM Training Onsite Utilizes a Blended Learning Approach 

The blended learning approach leverages the advantages of both onsite and online learning, while incorporating evidence based adult learning principles, practices and interventions designed to enhance learning, and support the transfer and maintenance of learning back in the workplace. 

The Onsite ASAM Training Is Effective…

The Online ASAM E-Course Is More Effective…

The Two Together, Online & Onsite is Most Effective!

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ASAM Blended Learning is a Three Phase Approach

Phase I: Pre-Onsite Training Delivery - all ASAM training participants are required to complete the pre-training  needs assessment, learning / proficiency measures, ASAM Knowledge and Skill Self Assessment (KSSA) and Learning Contract.

Phase II: Onsite Training Delivery –  all ASAM participants are required to attend and successfully complete a two day onsite training. The content and focus of the training is informed by participants pre-training needs assessment and learning measure results. Within 24 hours of the completion of the onsite training participants must complete the post training learning / proficiency measures. Based on their results they are asked to complete the Post Training ASAM KSSA and Learning Contract. Participants are expected to continue to access the ASAM E-Course in preparation for the third phase; Post Onsite Training Delivery Follow Up.

Phase III: Post Onsite Training Delivery – approximately 4 weeks following the completion of the onsite training delivery and learning / proficiency measures participants are required to complete the Follow Up learning / proficiency measures. Participants are encouraged to complete the follow up KSSA and Learning Contract. During the 4-week period, trainees are expected to access the ASAM E-Course and review course modules, practice exercises, and identify their strengths and challenges making patient placement decisions utilizing UPPC e.g., ASAM-PPC IIR.

Blended Learning & Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) 

  • Participants who complete the onsite ASAM training will receive 13 CEU’s.
  • Participants who complete the onsite ASAM training, and the pre and post training learning measures will receive 15 CEU’s.  
  • Participants who complete the onsite ASAM training, and the pre and post training learning measures, KSSA and Learning Contract will receive 17 CEU’s.  
  • Participants who complete the onsite ASAM training, the pre and post training learning measures, ASAM KSSA, Learning Contract and all online ASAM E-Course modules will receive 33 CEU’s

 Evidence Based – Proven Effective – Designed for Transfer